Meet the evolution of email.

Meet the evolution of email.

For nearly two decades, Return Path has been putting our unparalleled data and advanced analytics capabilities to work to solve the problems email marketers face every day. Powered by EmailDNA, our solutions are built to improve your email marketing and increase ROI.

Superior Data

Using the industry’s most comprehensive set of email data, along with our advanced analytics capabilities, we employ deeper learning to solve marketing problems in unique, innovative ways.

Innovative Analytics

Return Path’s products and solutions are built using data capabilities ranging from advanced analytics and heuristics to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data Driven Marketing

EmailDNA puts solutions to any email marketing problem within reach. Our data and analytics go beyond recommendations, creating actionable, customized solutions that solve email marketing issues.

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With EmailDNA, we turn email data into email solutions.

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And we've been at it for a while.

Forget the latest buzzwords. Return Path has been innovating in data analytics for almost two decades. For years, our best-in-class data team has been pushing the envelope of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to create solutions that harness the power of our unrivaled data set. The result: email marketing products that go beyond monitoring to provide actionable solutions to the problems marketers face every day.

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Return Path is founded with the vision of creating data driven solutions for marketers to enhance their email programs.

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Return Path launches Sender Score, the first free public reputation score for email marketers, and Reputation Monitor, the first product using complex machine learning to show how senders are viewed by mailbox providers.

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Inbox Insight, the first product of its kind giving insight into competitors email sending behavior and Inbox Optimizer, the first product to help senders optimize their inbox placement, are launched using reputation and Consumer Network data.

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Return Path launches the Partner Platform, the Universal Feedback Loop, the Return Path Blocklist, and the Return Path Platform, a brand new user interface and home of all future product innovations.

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Discover the foundation of Return Path's solutions.

As the email industry continues to evolve, marketers are looking for real solutions to their issues, not just monitoring and recommendations.


97% of marketers across business verticals are confident that AI can improve the customer experience.


51% of consumers state they like email to include products relevant to them and 41% say they like email that includes products that they have viewed online.


AI senders delivered 41% more revenue than those embracing manual personalization efforts.


The Average Order Value is 5% higher for AI senders.
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"In the current and ever-evolving email environment, it’s absolutely imperative for marketers to align with a company like Return Path if they wish to have a successful email program. You can only tell so much from the simple metrics you can implement on your own. Having the insight that Return Path provides us—due to its unique relationship with mailbox providers—really makes a huge impact on our business."

Christine Conklin
Director E-Marketing Services, Signature Travel Network

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